June 2019. From left to right, Paco Garcia-Gonzalez, Peri Hesketh-Prichard (Erasmus student from the University of Portsmouth), Veronica, Juan Lugardo, David and Miguel (see below), and Sam Brook (Erasmus Plus student).
October 2020. From left to right, Veronica, Paco, Bernat Garcia Espluga (JAE Intro), David and Miguel (see below).

Miguel Lozano Terol

Research Assistant

Veronica Castaño-Sanz

PhD student

David Quevedo

PhD student

Current and past group members (1):

Featuring Miguel and Veronica (see above), Juan Lugardo (visiting student from the University of Seville), Susi Zajitschek (collaborator and former postdoc ), Paco, Ryan Banks (Erasmus student from the University of Portsmouth), Eduardo Rodriguez (former PhD student), Matthew Travers (visiting student from Oxford University), Sara Tripodi (former research assistant) and Eduardo.


Past groups members (2):

Featuring Fergus de Faoite (Erasmus Plus student), Paco, Susi, Stephen McHugh (Erasmus Plus student), David Idiaquez (visiting PhD student supervised by Jesus Martinez-Padilla), Jesus Martinez-Padilla (collaborator and former postdoc), Paco, Sara Tripodi and Eduardo, and Eduardo again in the bottom picture.


Climate chamber and insectoid alien

I’m watching you

Other past group members (3) (pictures to come): Laura Travers (former PhD student), Ana Lopez Malvar (former Master student), Chris Coxhill (Erasmus student), etc. And also other members from the time in Oz…

Evolutionary research, in particular dealing with the evolutionary ecology of sexual interactions

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